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Shane Jacobson

Here’s a link to a video from the chief scout of Victoria, Shane Jacobson. It’s well worth watching!


Scout signs and promotion

This scout sign was spotted placed opposite the Karate centre in Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay. Do you have scout signs up promoting your group? It’s a great way to attract new members. School fences,...


Congratulations and Thank You

Being a leader in Scouting is very rewarding but certainly takes more than just a little effort. Rishae Anderson was awarded a Special Service Award in the Scouts Australia 2014 Adult Recognition Awards and...


Australia Day Canoe Race

Where was the sun today? Never mind, we had a great time mucking about in canoes and kayaks before the big race. Mayor Jodie Harrison started the race at Speers Point which was part of...


Corroboree 2015

Day 3 and the fun continues. Flying fox, water slides, rock climbing, swimming, laser tag and fly swatting *sigh* are just a few of the activities. Our 5 day camp is going off! …and...



Our district web site is undergoing a much needed face-lift. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming district and regional events. We’ll show some highlights from the activities we undertake and make it easy...