Group Committee

Parent involvement at Warners Bay

The most successful Scout Groups are those where there is strong adult support. Scouts Australia volunteers are enthusiastic and dedicated men and women from all walks of life who share a love of adventure and a desire to enrich young people’s lives.

What many people don’t realise is that there are plenty of flexible ways adults can get involved with or contribute to their local Scout Group without making the time commitment required for a uniformed leadership role.


You are expected to participate in the Fundraising Events and all families will be rostered to do so (unless you have taken on another major role within the group). Our major current fundraising are various BBQ’s, Bingo & Trivia Nights and Raffles.

“Keep the fun in  FUNdraising with EXTRA hands which make light work and turn up on your rostered day.”

Grounds and hall maintenance

We ask that you help when there is a Working Bee called and also take an interest in the hall and our beautiful grounds through our group environment leader.

Group committee

Every parent is automatically a member of the Committee and meetings are held on the 2nd Monday every term at the Alan Victor Hall. Positions are elected annually with your input and support being valuable.

Parent helper survey

Your child’s section leader will give you a Parent Survey Form, which details specific areas in which you can assist the group, either by way of extra skills you may have which could benefit the group – eg: badge examiner, cooking team, parent auxiliary, trailer & equipment repairs etc, which could assist the leaders working with the youth members.

On camps/outings

You can help with transport, serving refreshments, attending camps as cooks, specialist skills, organising gear/food, helping to clean up or pack away after camps.

Volunteering for roles such as these helps to ‘free up’ the uniformed Leaders so they can focus on planning and running activities, to continue providing our youth members with the best possible Scouting experience.


Contact Details

Group Enquiries: Mrs Nevell Leverton 0249484772