Cub Scouts at Warners Bay

All Cub Scouts are good at and enjoy different things, but everyone gets to have a go at all the activities and you can earn heaps of cool badges to sew on your Cub Scout uniform. Play games and make friends! Learn to ‘do your best’ at whatever you try and help others to ‘do their best’ too! Visit exciting places! Help with community events or environment projects! You will also learn heaps of useful things that will help you when you move up to the older Scouting Sections, as well as throughout your entire life.

The Cub section is the biggest section of our group, with our two cub packs working hand in hand to provide your child a great cubbing experience. Devil and Dingo Packs meet on Thursday nights from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. Our Cub Scout leader Akela Darrell co-ordinates our two packs so that they have parallel programs and outings.

Contact Details

Cubs – Thursday 7.00 to 8.30pm – Darrell Townsend, W/Bay Hall