Caring for ourselves, each other and the environment

Caring for ourselves, each other and the environment

“The man who is blind to the beauties of Nature, has missed half the pleasures of life” Lord Robert BadenPowell

A great milestone for children is when they learn to take responsibility for themselves and become concerned for others. Scouting provides an environment which fosters leadership and encourages tolerance, respect and consideration of others. Helping other people is an important aspect of the Scout Program and Scouts are encouraged to give back to the community by participating in local, national and international events and service projects.

Environmental awareness and care has been an integral part of scouting since it began in 1907.

Numerous activities take place outdoors which gives young people a myriad of opportunities to connect with and make the most of the wonderfully diverse Australian environment.

Our Group Environment Leader ‘Annette’ organises our group to participate in a huge number of environmental activities including erosion prevention works, energy and water saving projects, monitoring wildlife projects, including squid testing at South Creek, tree planting and environmental training courses.

As well as the above projects,  our group is also involved with national events like Clean Up Australia Day,  National Tree Day and locally at the Living Smart Festival.