Joey Scouts Challenge Badges

Adventure Challenge


* Leaders programme and run two (2) outings to places unusual to your Mob.

* Leaders run an Adventure Programme for the Mob.

* Joeys complete Log Sheets about their outings and Adventure Program.


In 2016, Byattunga Joeys visited the State Emergency Services (S.E.S.) Unit in Cooranbong, to explore their land and water vehicles, participate in some rescue training and learn about some of the ways in which they assist the community.

Our second outing was to Mines Rescue at Argenton, where we were given a tour of their facilities. We explored a 3-D training room, experienced some virtual training and even ventured underground into one of the tunnels.

For our Adventure Program we travelled to make-believe Pallet Town, with the Joeys following in the footsteps of Ash Ketchum and experiencing some of the things that Ash experienced as he began his Pokémon journey, as they worked hard to become Pokémon trainers.


Buddy Mob Challenge


* Invite another Joey Mob to your Hall.

* Visit another Joey Mob at their Hall.

* Go on an outing together or both attend a District or Region Joey Scout event.


In Term 2 2017, Byattunga Joeys have invited Ourimbah Joeys to become ‘Buddy Mobs’ with us. Byattunga Joeys will visit Ourimbah Joeys, and then Ourimbah Joeys will reciprocate, before the Mobs embark on a special outing together.


Care and Share Challenge


* Mobs run one month’s programs with a Care and Share Theme.

* Mobs attempt to have some media coverage during the Month.

* Mobs should visit out in the community during the Month.


Each November, Byattunga Joeys work hard to do odd jobs for family and friends to raise between $5.00 and $10.00 each. We then take our hard-earned money to Morisset Square, where each Joey spend the money on toys to be donated to local charities for children who are less fortunate than themselves. In 2016, we delivered our purchases to the Giving Tree at St John Vianney Catholic Church in Morisset.


Environment Challenge


* Joeys complete tasks from the Environment Challenge worksheet, including at least

  • one task from “On your own”
  • two tasks from “With your Mob”
  • one task from “With your family”


In 2017, Byattunga Joeys held their own ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ event around their local area, walking the streets from the Scout Hall to Morisset Cemetery collecting as much rubbish as they could. At the cemetery the Joeys tidied up some of the graves, removing rubbish and replacing vases and flowers that had been disturbed by recent inclement weather. We also conducted an experiment to simulate water pollution and the impossible task of reversing pollution to make our waterways pristine once more, and upcycled 600mL water bottles into our own rain gauges. The Joeys took their rain gauges home to record the following week’s rainfall, and helped sort their family’s rubbish for recycling at home.



Promise Challenge

The Promise Challenge is the only individual challenge for Joeys, and is designed to encourage older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Promise and Law and to learn about Baden-Powell and the history of Scouting before advancing to Cub Scouts.



* Joeys complete tasks from the Promise Challenge worksheet, with elements of

  • Duty to God
  • Duty to Self
  • Duty to Others


Byattunga Joey Mob has just had its first Promise Challenge submitted for 2017, being different from past projects in terms of content and complexity as the challenge is based on the Joey’s individual maturity and abilities.