Group Committee

Your child will be making lots of new friends throughout their scouting adventures. Attending committee meetings allows you to meet the parents of these new friends, as well as see and contribute to the running of the Group. We promote attendance by a representative of each family at a minimum of 3 meetings a year including the Annual Report Presentation, and encourage you to consider holding a position on the committee for 12 months at some point in your child’s scouting career.


The Group Committee is a group of non-uniformed, interested people (usually parents of current or past youth members) whose main function is to support the Leaders to ensure an active and healthy Group. Its main functions are to:

  • control Group finances
  • maintain the hall and grounds
  • arrange rosters and events as necessary
  • fundraise for special events and purchases
  • support the Leaders so they are free to concentrate their efforts on the training and welfare of your child.


The main roles within the Group Committee are:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Quartermaster
  • Fundraising Coordinator